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Offered investment plan:
7% profit daily for 20 business days; 165% paid after 28 calendar days

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Jul 29, 2023 03:52
This mid term is proving to be a good one Telegram group is filled with positive feedbacks from other investors I will soon add a new deposit here, I have a good feeling :) Payment Batch - 42 Tether TRC-20 2023-07-26 05:11:21 781eea13cd6be0c7c30e188f0ddb35d8fdd83a590cfb24b2065d6e9073d79e86
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Jul 25, 2023 16:36
This mid term project is growing on me Withdrawals are always paid really quick on request The team is always active in their telegram group for any queries as well :) Payment Batch - 21 Tether TRC-20 2023-07-22 11:21:24 8f6333042f61285518fd00951992942872ca0755760cbdb44423be8265422fd1
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Jul 22, 2023 13:51
Project is always paying and giving out good profits on investments I love the classic mid term plans and looks like a legend team here :) Payment Batch - 21 Tether TRC-20 2023-07-18 02:18:12 db00756b79c685add32d03f4f06158211d8a6581c150b11541813f93b2b7d093
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Jul 17, 2023 21:16
This mid term is proving to be a good one Even after many domain suspended the project seems to be consistent and now is running at dot ltd My withdrawal was paid quickly again :) Payment Batch - 21 Tether TRC-20 2023-07-14 19:18:30 d7d7f3d4f190ceb43fa187d8de5685e8ba940307358f43669ba0d28c4ffef46c
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Jul 14, 2023 12:29
I received second withdrawal paid from this project and that too really fast It was almost seconds and the payment hit my wallet Everything is smooth and without hassles :) Payment Batch - 21 Tether TRC-20 2023-07-13 16:57:48 4f439a2bf3326f991781e40d18066baebb2e952f0344e44a1e34494811c843c1
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Jul 13, 2023 08:11
I invested $300 in the 7% daily plan Project looks well made and capability to help us earn us good profits I also received my first withdrawal which was received really fast :) NEW Deposit Batch - 300 Tether TRC-20 2023-07-11 11:54:09 080604e1e2e6a99e8835a9a44cdc2491a9e874a1af98c62c726b887de79d4e83 Payment Batch - 21 Tether TRC-20 2023-07-12 12:32:21 cdac5171ae9951a6e638a8d1a63922ef17367d0494ce93a8e3a5bf1745c7104c
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